The company “Murat Comlek” offers sculptures made of gypsum or polyurethane. The assortment of the company presents many hand-made sculptures of different sizes, from small sculptures for the house to huge street sculptures for the garden. By order, the company can perform a sculpture of any shape and color.
Sculptures made of gypsum are used to decorate the interior, they are distinguished by smooth lines, harmonious transitions.
Sculptures come in the following forms: figures, busters, heads. In the collection of “Murat Comlek” there are both figures of people, and figures of animals, birds. Figures are a three-dimensional image of a person (a group of people), mythical heroes, animals. Busts and heads are 3D portraits of historical and mythical characters. Such a sculpture made of gypsum will perfectly complement the interior in the style of Classicism, Empire or Modern and will give it an additional semantic load.